Revisiting the Bradford Curry Guide

It’s nearly 7 years since I compiled a list of the finest places to get amongst Bradford’s best curry.

“Best” is, of course, subjective and the list isn’t definitive. There are so many, from the big names everyone’s familiar with to new gaffs opening in the suburbs, that I don’t think it ever could be. Whilst I wouldn’t be against sampling each and every one of them, there is, after all, only so much ghee a cardio-vascular system can take.

Given the time that’s passed, and how much the subject still stirs people, I’ve decided to review and update the guide. And, rather than wait until I’ve done them all (‘all’ being the same ones as last time, plus some glaring omissions and perhaps some recommendations), I’ll do a few and stick it up here, adding to it as I go.

There are a few in the bag already; I’ve already had my mind changed on one old-timer that I wasn’t previously a fan of.

I am, as ever, very happy to listen to suggestions.

Have a look at the original and tell me who I’ve missed or where I’m bang-wrong.

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