Hern, Leeds

I’ve been a bit lax on the old eating out front of late. Or, to be more precise, the eating part has been going OK – it’s the subsequent words on here that that I haven’t got round to scribbling down. Plans, however, are afoot and normal service will soon be resumed.

In the meantime have some images of a recent lunch I shared with Handsome Steve at Hern just outside of Leeds.

25 quid for 3 smartly cooked (by one fella in the kitchen) lunchtime courses, with a couple of optional extras chucked in, would be particularly good value at any time but especially so at the moment, when just looking at your own oven is likely to cost you about a fiver.

The pearl barley was surprisingly light; the confit lamb fibrous and farm-yardy; and the olive oil chocolate mousse a belter. All of which is redundant info as the menu changes weekly – have a look here for what’s on this week.


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