fooding and boozing at home #1

It was only as I was loading the coals onto the barbeque and trying to get the thing burning that we realised it was National Steak Day. Pure coincidence that we’d already decided on supermarket sirloins for tea.

Nothing seemingly ‘special’ about these from Morrisons – no mention of dry-ageing or 28 days maturing – but actually a properly boviney flavour with a good chew, and as good as any of the posh stuff I’ve previously bagged.

If you’ve never tried to barbeque potatoes then I suggest that you keep it that way. I don’t mean the tried and tested ‘wrap in foil and bury in the coals’ sense, I mean the ‘par boil in thick slices and finish on the grill’ method. These, tasting mostly of char and undercooked spud, were not great.

Good, chunky skewers though and what a fine opportunity to make a dint into the various packs of cellophaned and cardboard-boxed beer that’ve been dropped off from a couple of local breweries.

I’m writing this on a laptop propped up on a box of Vocation’s Bread and Butter, with a pile of Saltaire Brewery gear on the floor to my side after the first batch of Velocity went down slightly quicker than it should. With a mega-pack of Seabrook under the desk, this room’s transformation to a pub cellar moves a step further each day.

While it’s not the same as supping in the pub, putting some business the way of our local independents is a good move for those in a position to do so, and might just mean that once all The Stuff is over these places can still make some lovely booze to go in your lovely pub, and we can all go out and get lovely and pissed again without having to drink Carling.

So, don’t barbeque potatoes, give the Morrisons steak a bash, and do maybe order some beer.

Buy from Vocation Brewery here
Buy from Saltaire Brewery here

Or try your own local booze emporium.

With restaurants closed for the foreseeable, and me worrying that I might forget how to string a sentence together, I’ve started this section of missives where I’ll be shining a light on local and favourite food and drink businesses, and possibly talking about chips.


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