The Cross Keys, Leeds: Review

Here’s another little number I rustled up for Leeds Confidential recently. It was a bit of a tricky one, as you’ll read.

I like that corner of Leeds behind the station and next to the canal. It feels a little less shiny – more industrial – than heading the other way when you get off the train. And that’s me to a T: less shiny, more industrial.

For anybody that decides to give The Cross Keys a go after reading this review, the Guinness is grand at Water Lane Boathouse, which is on route.

There have been other trips and meals out over the last few months which I will get around to posting. For bad pictures but timely content I’m on Twitter here and Instagram here.

As an aside, we stayed at the Metropole hotel in Leeds on this trip. Couldn’t that be a stunner of a spot?

The Cross Keys review – Leeds Confidential.


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