fooding and boozing at home #6

The folk who know what they’re talking about – those who go on TV and prattle on about it, or scribble about it in the weekend supplements – tend to suggest supping a light bodied Pinot Noir when you’re getting amongst a spot of duck. I’m not enamoured with the stuff though, and I suspect that’s because I’m too tight to fork out for a decent bottle.

I’ve tried that “Red Burgundy” from Tesco and others of that ilk, and – thin and nothingy – am unsurprisingly underwhelmed every time. I’ve come to the conclusion that 6 quid might not be enough coin to get you much of the good stuff from one of the most decorated wine regions in the world.

Who’da thought.

Time to up my skinflint game then, but tonight I go with a Fleurie (£9.25 from Morrisons but bagged on offer); one of the big names (1 of 10 Crus) from down the road in less-poncy Beaujolais. Light-bodied with loads of refreshing acidity, it pairs well with the rich, gamey duck legs that I roasted and bunged on some cabbage and bacon. Think I nailed the (un-photo’d) fondant spud too.

With an eye on the remnants of the birthday Pedro Ximinez, and with a surplus of rhubarb in the garden, following the duck I channel my Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and get creative.

Cat piss rinsed off, the veg-fruit hybrid is chopped, simmered in water and sugar, and served with vanilla ice-cream with a slug of the buttercup syrupy-Pedro stirred in. And if I do say so myself a spoonful of this stuff reminds me of dessert at the dead good Moorcock Inn at Norland who, I seem to recall from their social media, are after a new chef…



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