Who’s This Fella?

Hello, ey up, and how do.

I’m a freelance copywriter and restaurant critic who, having perused the internet, thought it was pretty decent but could do with some more food and drink writing so I started EatingTheNorth.com

Need a hand with the words on your own website?

I write things for clients, too, so if your content needs some sprucing up and you’re looking for a writer then give me a shout on eatingthenorth@gmail.com or on The Twitter.

In these pages you’ll find Yorkshire restaurant reviews, Yorkshire hotel reviews and shoddy photography. You can also read my hot restaurant takes/opinions on chips over at Leeds Confidential.

There are some words about lower-league football (and, yes, pies) at There Will Be Pies.

I’m based in Bradford, a city famous for its curry. I’ve written a guide on where to get the good stuff here. A new one’s coming out soon.

I like paying over the odds on train tickets to visit other cities, so you’ll also find restaurant reviews for London, Manchester and Liverpool.

There are some wine reviews within these pages. Nowt poncy, just honest opinion and recommendations.

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