fooding and boozing at home #8

Our favourite chippy is not our favourite chippy because of its deft way of frying haddock (decent, occasionally on the under-cooked side) or the potato (decent, occasionally on the under-cooked side), but because its wares are served up in a natty little cardboard box rather than wrapped in the trad newspaper; something Asbestos Tongue apparently values more than the quality of what’s encased within.

It’s also, geographically speaking, the closest one to us, which bags it bonus points.

Fish and chips on a Sunday is, of course, the move of a maverick, a firebrand who plays by their own rules, or perhaps someone who just likes chips. Either way, the last of the Naked Wines swag – a “Vivacious Verdejo” (their words not mine) by a “trailblazer” (their words not mine) called Tomas Buendia (his name, not mine) – makes for an accompaniment that’s almost as satisfying as the two slices of heavily buttered Warburtons that go alongside.

The F&C score a solid 7.5 out of 10 – the .5 down to them flogging tubs of homemade tartare sauce –  with the Verdejo lasering through the greasiness with a hit of high-altitude crispness, a load of zesty lemon peel, and some refreshing spritz on the finish.

Top stuff, the only problem being it’s the type of wine I could easily neck by the half pint. I sup it whilst re-watching Rick Stein’s Seafood Odyssey, specifically an episode full of Mediterranean* sunshine, calm turquoise sea and Brits eating burnt burgers, which can surely only have added to the Verdejo experience.

At its full whack asking price of £8.99 it’s a solid purchase, but at £6.99 for the blessed “Wine Angels” (ugh) it is, to coin a phrase, a right deal. Don’t take my word for it, though, take that of an Angel, who succinctly and accurately describes it thus: “Nice drink.”

I get back into last night’s Shiraz from Majestic’s Definition range which, having been opened for 24 hours, has now got about it a welcome touch of the Dairy Milks – something the buffs will attribute to it ‘opening up’ and the oak barrel is was aged in – and more dark fruit, too.

Chips, chocolate, wine: superlative Sundaying.

For better pictures of better wine, and better descriptions, have a squizz at @gooddayforwine – a couple who actually know what they’re on about.

*can never get it right first time.



Writing stuff.

This is all just blather until I get back out to a restaurant.


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