Trinity Kitchen, Leeds

It’s the battle of the breads. The rumble of the wraps. Or, just the latest lot of independent traders at Trinity Kitchen, some of whom are selling good things in good bread.

Take Banh Mi Booth, for example, doing their take on Vietnamese-style souped-up sarnies. In order to make it look like we know what we’re on about we started to take ours apart to scrutinise its many layers. Quickly realising this made us look stupid and pretentious, we abandoned the idea and wolfed the thing down.




We chose the char sui pork which would be sound by itself but it’s the addition of the pickled carrots, the crunchy onions and sauces of potent alchemy that make it really sing. 6 quid and easily shareable with a couple of sides. Great gear.

Our palette-cleanser took the form of a home-made crumpet (dense, in a good, hearty way) with black pudding and a fried duck-egg from Cook It Up. For 3 quid it’s a sound investment for a quick bite. Add strong tea and brown sauce, obviously.


Fighting it out for Wrap Battle glory were contenders from The Cauldron and Flavours Found.

We managed to nab a Pig In (£6) from the former just before they sold out. Absolutely rammed full of fennel-y belly pork, this, with a Bang Bang sauce to cut through the meat. Possibly the most generous dish we’ve had from Trinity.




Flavours Found’s offering – chunks of moist Ras-el-Hanout chicken slathered in sumac yoghurt and chilli sauce – had the feel of a damn good shawarma and, at a fiver, no grumbles from us, other than from stomachs trying to accommodate all this scran.




We each had a favourite. The first was full and meaty, the other was saucy and spicy. We did agree that both are great after beer, gin and wine. Most things are, but you get the idea.

With just one more trader to visit to be able to declare ‘house’ in our game of Trinity Bingo, we rallied and demolished the pistachio and almond kulfi from Indie Ices. Knows what he’s doing, this fella; the icecream being just sweet enough without becoming sickly, and balancing well with the base flavour. £4.50 with a waffle. Award-winning stuff. Literally.


Get yer’sen over for your own game of Trinity Kitchen bingo.











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