Omar Khan’s, Bradford

Bit late, this.

Our previous trip to Omar Khan‘s – well over a week ago – came at the end of a long day acquainting ourselves with some of Bradford’s finest drinking establishments. Needless to say by the time we sat down to eat all that really mattered was shovelling large quantities of carb and spice down our necks before falling into bed.

So, as much as that meal served that purpose – and all who’d sat around the table seemed suitably stuffed as we clambered into taxis – not being able to remember what was consumed the next day was a bit of a hindrance when trying to write a blog.

Dedicated as we are we took it upon ourselves to revisit, but this time limited ourselves to a couple of liveners at nearby pub Delius which, after being a bit rubbish for a couple of years, looks to be getting back on its feet again.

Not long after we get a table there’s a post-work bustle throughout the 3 rooms proving that in a city with, apparently, 200 curry houses Omar Khan’s is still up there with the best. Indeed this year the restaurant helps to make up the team representing Bradford in the Curry Capital of Britain contest along with other local favourites; Akbars, Kiplings and Shimla Spice. Illustrious company.

We’re obliged a few taster-sized dishes (the pretence being that we can’t decide what to pick when the truth is I’m feeling greedy) and soon we’re making inroads into an excellent Chicken Haryali. It’s hot without blowtorching the tongue, sharp with a hit of vinegar and one to remember for next time. The Machli Nimbi Wali is nearly as good with chunks of haddock that manage to carry the spices without the fish being overpowered. It’s a ‘special’ and deservedly so.

Side dishes of the classic Palak Aloo and Baingan Bhartha – smoky, spicy aubergine cooked down to an appealing mush – could easily be main courses in their own right. The roti quietly serves its purpose in transporting all the above from plate to face.

Thing is, there are loads of places to get a good curry in Bradford and where’s ‘best’ is a contentious issue in these parts to say the least.

But although the interior could be a bit chintzy for some, and the signed photo of mum’s favourite Ainsley Harriot hanging proudly on the wall should be laid to rest, Omar Khans manages to find it’s own level; consistently good food with some standout offerings at competitive prices in a ‘proper restaurant’ environment.

Try the Haryali…


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